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Payment Information

Important Payment Information

Financial Aid Authorization Information

The Financial Aid Authorization link in MyWCU will be available July 25, 2023.

Ways to Pay Rent

How to pay for housing

Methods of Payments

Methods of payment

Credit Card / E-Check

Log into the Resident Portal to make a payment
Credit/Debit Card - 2.95% convenience fee
E-Check - No convenience fee

Methods of payment


Make checks payable to: USH
Mail To:
Resident Accounts Office
202 Carter Drive
West Chester, PA 19382

*Memo on check:
(Student Name - Community Name/Unit/Bedspace)

In-person locations:
Leasing Office in
Commonwealth Hall
Rental Drop Box at the front desk of each community

Methods of payment

529 or tap plan

Have disbursement sent directly to USH at the mailing address below. Include resident's name and housing assignment.

202 Carter Drive
West Chester, PA 19382

Methods of payment

Financial Aid for USH Rent

Log into MyWCU and utilize authorized funds to USH link here.

Financial Aid at USH

Students who wish to apply financial aid funds to their USH Affiliated Housing rent payment must follow the steps below to authorize WCU to disburse the financial aid to USH Affiliated Housing directly. Eligible students may elect to use part or all of their financial aid refund to apply to their USH invoice.

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  • Living in University Student Housing
  • Have financial aid that exceeds their WCU charges for tuition, fees, and meal plan
  • Have confirmed their enrollment (activated their account)
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  • Activate your MyWCU account. Complete all outstanding financial aid verification. Failure to do so will delay your financial aid disbursement and could result in you having to pay rent in full out of pocket and possibly accruing late fees.
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  • For the fall semester, this must be completed prior to August 15 or before moving in, whichever occurs first.
  • For the spring semester, this must be completed prior to January 15 or before moving in, whichever occurs first.
  • Login to MyWCU
    • Confirm Enrollment
    • Go to Student Financials
    • Select Apply Financial Aid to USH Housing Charges.
      • Select Pay All or Enter Other Amount to authorize the amount of money to be disbursed to USH from the financial aid refund.
      • DO NOT authorize more than what you owe USH.
      • Agree to Terms & Conditions.
  • The student and USH Resident Accounts Office will receive confirmation of the authorized amount to be disbursed to USH.
  • Click here to be redirected to MyWCU.
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  • Once this authorized amount is credited to your USH account (this can take 24-28 hours), log into your USH portal to view your updated statement and any outstanding balance.
  • Payment is due in full no later than September 15 for the fall semester and February 15 for the spring semester.
  • Login to USH portal by clicking here.
    • Select Web Accounts.
    • Select View Statement.
    • If a balance is owed, select Pay Now.
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  • The student is responsible for requesting enough financial aid to cover the cost of housing.
  • This process must be completed per deadlines stated above.
  • If the amount authorized to be disbursed to USH does not cover the cost of rent and fees, the student is responsible for paying the remaining balance by the due date outlined by USH.
  • Read all communications from WCU and USH carefully to ensure you do not miss a necessary step or deadline.
  • If the financial aid is not disbursed or the status as a WCU student/USH resident changes, the student remains responsible for all outstanding rent and late fees.
  • If WCU changes the amount of financial aid authorized to USH it is the residents responsibility to pay outstanding balance immediately.

Please contact the Leasing Center if you are experiencing issues with authorizing aid.