Many new students wonder about what they will need to bring along with them when they come to WCU. The following list of items was designed to make your stay at more comfortable. The items contained in this list are suggestions, you may not need all of them, and you can always bring other personal keepsakes. It is a good idea to contact your roommate(s) before coming to campus so that you may share the larger items.

• Sheets (extra long TWIN for north campus, or regular QUEEN for Village & East Village)
• Mattress Pad (extra long TWIN for north campus, QUEEN for Village & East Village)
• Pillow
• Blanket
• Comforter/Bedspread (extra long TWIN for north campus, QUEEN for Village & East Village)
• Bed skirt
• Stuffed Animals

• Lamp (halogen lamps are not permitted) please note: University Hall, The Village and East Apartments do not have lights in the bedroom provided.
• Extra Light Bulbs (for desk lamps and floor lamps)
• Storage Crates/Bins
• Cleaning Supplies

• TV/DVD – High Definition (HD) compatible TV with a QAM digital tuner
• Microwave Oven (up to 700 watts and 0.7 cubic feet permitted) North Campus Only
• Refrigerator (not to exceed 4 amps) North Campus Only
• Vacuum (suites are carpeted)
• Alarm Clock with Battery Backup
• Radio/CD Player
• Computer
• Printer (All properties have computer labs with printer for residents use, but residents need to bring their own paper)

• Shower Curtain (extra long – 76”) and Hooks
• Bathroom Rugs/Mats
• Washcloths and Towels
• Shower Caddy
• Shower Shoes and Robe
• Toilet Paper
• Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, and Deodorant
• Hair Products, Hair Dryer, Curling Iron
• Toothbrush/Toothpaste

• Laundry Bag/Basket
• Detergent
• Fabric Softener
• Dryer Sheets
• Cleaning Supplies (bathroom, bedroom, common areas)

• Band-Aids
• Antibiotic Cream
• Tylenol, Advil
• Cold Medicine
• Any Prescribed Medications (please keep secured)

• Hangers
• Lanyard/Key Ring
• Camera
• Stationery
• Postage Stamps
• Paper Products (napkins, towels, plates)
• Plastic Goods (forks, cups, bowls)
• Food Storage Containers
• Movies, Board Games, Deck of Cards
• School Supplies (stapler, notebooks, pens, etc.)
• Coaxial Cable Cord
• Sewing Kit
• Umbrella
• Flashlight
• Picture Frames
• BIKE (all bikes must be stored outdoors and are not permitted in any individual suites)

• Appliances of any kind with an exposed heating element, including, but not limited to, hot plates, toaster ovens, deep fryers, electric frying pans, air fryers, pressure cookers, sandwich makers, grills (like the George Foreman Grill), halogen lamps, are not permitted in any housing facility
• Heavy Appliances and Objects
• Candles and Incense
• Plug-Ins (i.e. Glade Plug-Ins)
• Lava Lamps
• Command Hooks
• Extension Cords/Power Strips not approved by WCU
• Window Air Conditioners (central air provided)
• Pets (including fish and rodents)
• Lofts or Lofting Kits
• Water Beds or Aquariums (or any large water-holding device)
• Street Signs or Neon Signs
• WEAPONS (paintball guns, BB or soft air guns, knives, etc.)
• Explosive Materials (fireworks, etc.)
• Illegal Substances or Paraphernalia
• Large Furniture Items

The lives of college students are hectic and making time to live more sustainably may seem like a daunting task for many.  There is a fear that making environmentally conscious decisions will be time consuming, expensive, and difficult.  We are here to tell you that making these eco-friendly switches in your life is actually cheaper, easier, and quicker than you ever thought!  Students at WCU are already decreasing the impact of their environmental footprints and lessening the amount of waste that they are producing on campus…it is now your turn to join in on the fun!  Living more sustainably is all about being prepared, so we have created a list of simple eco-friendly switches to ensure that you are fully equipped to protect Mother Earth!

This:                                                                                      Not That:

Reusable cloth towels                                                       Paper towels

Stainless steel travel containers                                      Styrofoam to-go boxes

Tableware (plates, bowls, forks, etc.)                             Plastic/paper table set

Reusable produce bags                                                     Plastic one-use produce bags

Travel coffee mug                                                               One-use coffee cup

Reusable water bottle                                                       Plastic water bottle

Bamboo travel utensils                                                      Plastic cutlery 

Stainless steel or glass straws                                           Plastic straws

Bee’s wrap                                                                            Plastic wrap

Reusable storage bags                                                        One-use ziploc bags

Bamboo hairbrush/toothbrush                                         Plastic hairbrush/toothbrush

Canvas grocery bag                                                              Plastic grocery bag

Silicone baking mat                                                              Tinfoil 

Bar of soap                                                                            Body wash

Cloth napkins                                                                        Paper napkins

Bamboo dish scrubber                                                        Disposable sponge

Tissues                                                                                    Hankie

Compost bin and recycling bin                                           A trash can with food waste and recyclable items