USH is happy to provide all residents with Comcast cable service.  This offers 100 channels in HD, as well as access to Comcast on your mobile device by downloading the Xfinity Stream TV app or going to

Please bring the following items to access this cable service:

  • High Definition (HD) compatible TV with a QAM digital tuner
  • Remote for your TV
  • One Coaxial Cable

For TV Set-Up:

  • Plug Co-Ax cable into co-ax wall jack.
  • Plug the Co-Ax cable into Co-Ax connection on TV set.
  • Turn TV Set On.
  • Place TV set into “TV” or “Display” by pressing the Source or Input button on your remote.
  • Program TV for the Channel Line Up or Channel Search. This can be found by pressing the Settings or Menu button on your remote. If prompted for “ANTENNA TYPE”, select “CABLE.”
  • To program your specific TV, please search the make and model of your TV on the Internet to find the most recent version of instructions.
  • When tuning directly to digital TV channels you must enter the channel number and “.1” or “-1”. Example “50-1” or “50.1”.


If you are experiencing issues receiving channels, your TV may not have the required QAM digital tuner.

We suggest completing an online search of the manufacturer’s name and exact model number to find your TV’s manual or specifications.  If the documentation includes the terms QAM, Clear QAM, QAM 256 or QAM capable, your TV tuner should be compatible with the Cable TV system.  However, many manufacturer’s (including well known top brands) who support QAM tuners often don’t include any reference to their QAM support.

If you’re TV isn’t supported, you may choose to purchase a set-top QAM Tuner, replace your TV, or elect to use  You can purchase QAM set-top tuners from popular retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, etc.

Please contact your Community Manager if you have any questions.