Please review the information below regarding how mail and packages will be handled in all USH buildings and apartment communities:

  • Notify your friends and family that your on-campus address will change effective immediately.
  • Notify your employer, bank, credit card, and other important contacts that your address will change effective immediately.
  • Do not have any additional mail or packages delivered to your on-campus address.

To ensure you receive all packages and mail already delivered, review the following information in regards to move-out:

  • Check your mailbox before returning your keys.
  • Packages that have been delivered and not picked up have been placed in your assigned unit.

After you move-out:

  • All mail and packages received after you move-out will be returned to sender. Mail and packages will not be forwarded or held. You will not be able to return to campus to pick up these items since the residence halls and apartment communities will be closed.

West Chester University and University Student Housing do not assume responsibility for lost or delayed mail or packages.