For those who choose to live on  campus,  USH Affiliated Housing is pleased to offer our  first-year  students housing in our North Campus residence halls this March. To ensure the health and well-being of  our community, all students will be placed in a private bedroom.  USH Affiliated Housing  will offer  suite-style  rooms with private bedrooms and  private or  semi-private bathrooms.  

You have two options available if you choose to participate in the WeCU Here Spring 2021 experience:

  • Two-nights in USH Affiliated Housing (four meals included): $231.50 
  • Eight-week USH Affiliated Housing $2,423-$2,765 billed by USH (depending on floor plan) + required meal plan $745 billed by WCU: $3,168-3,510

If you  choose  to live with us, you will  need to make your selection in  myWCU   and  you  will  receive an email  communication  from USH  Affiliated  Housing with  further  instruction.  You must  take action  before January 7, 2021 at 11:59pm to secure housing.  In addition, we will send additional information regarding the move-in process as we get closer to  March.  

 As a North Campus resident staying for the full eight weeks, you are required to purchase a meal plan, and we will post this to your account.  The meal plan offered for the  WeCU  Here program is 14-meals-per-week + $125 Flex dollars.  The total cost of this plan is $745.00. You and your suitemates  will be considered a family unit  and  will be required to clean  your  own bathrooms and common area spaces. You are responsible for all new guidelines for living on campus as listed below.  

For those staying for two nights, the cost is $41.50 for four meals to be used between Friday lunch and Sunday brunch. For additional meals, you may pay per meal.

Action Steps to Apply

What steps do I need to take if I had a USH 2020-2021 signed lease agreement and would like housing on North Campus as part of WeCU Here?
You must first complete the MyWCU WeCU Spring 2021 selection form. Once that is complete, we are asking all USH residents to visit the USH Resident Portal to complete a new Housing Intent Form by Friday, January 8, 2021, by 11:59 p.m.  
You can choose from four options: 

  • Apply to live in a North Campus residence hall as part of the WeCU Here experience (March 19, 2021 to May 15, 2021)    
  • Approved for spring housing in the apartments (Village or East Village) and would like to remain there for the semester
  • Approved for spring housing in the apartments (Village or East Village) but I would like to relocate on March 19, 2021 to a North Campus residence hall (January 23, 2021 to May 15, 2021)  
  • Opt-out of on-campus housing for spring 2021

I would like to live on campus for WeCU Here and did not have a previously completed lease/occupancy agreement. Will I be able to live in on-campus housing?
Yes, WCU is welcoming all first-year students to live in on-campus housing during this initiative. You will be sent instructions on how to complete a lease/occupancy agreement following your selection. Although we will do our best to accommodate your requested housing provider, we cannot guarantee your preference for either Traditional Housing or USH Affiliated Housing. Apply in a timely manner to increase your chance for your first choice.

For more information and a schedule of events, please visit WeCUHereSpring2021.


There are multiple floor plan options for living in USH  first-year housing:  

  • One Bedroom Double Suite (1X1) – $2,645 
  • Three Bedroom Double Suite (3×2) – $2,465 
  • Two Bedroom Double Suite with Shared Bathroom (4×1) – $2,423 
    • Only available in Commonwealth Hall  
  • Two Bedroom Single Suite with Living Area (2×1) – $2,550 
  • Two Bedroom Double Suite with Living Area (2×2) – $2,765 

  *Please note the names of suites are USH’s typical floor plans, all bedrooms are single occupancy.   


Can I be guaranteed the same roommates as previously assigned?
Students will be placed in private bedrooms. However, some suite-styles will share bathrooms and common area space and be considered suitemates. Although we cannot guarantee, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I request a suitemate(s)?
Yes, students will have the ability to provide the name(s) of requested suitemate(s) on the  WeCU Here Housing Application you will receive after filling out the myWCU form. Although we cannot guarantee, we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

Can I select a suite-style preference?
Yes, students will be able to choose a suite-style preference, but not a specific residence hall. Suite-style preferences are not guaranteed and are based on availability. 

When will I know my North Campus housing assignment?
Residents will be notified of their North Campus assignment by February 1, 2021. Housing assignments will be sent to the email address on file for both the resident and guarantor.

What will happen with my $200 non-refundable application fee paid from the 2020-2021 lease term?
Your application fee will be applied to WeCU Here Spring 2021 experience. If you choose to live with USH for the 2021-2022 academic year, a new non-refundable application fee must be paid.

Am I required to have a meal plan?
Yes. As a North Campus resident, you are required to purchase a meal plan, and we will post this to your account.  The meal plan offered for the eight-week WeCU Here program is 14-meals-per-week + $125 Flex dollars.  The total cost of this plan is $745.00.  For those staying for two nights, the cost is $41.50 for four meals to be used between Friday lunch and Sunday brunch. For additional meals, you may pay per meal.

Are Microfridges available to rent? No, Microfridge rentals are not available for this program. Students will need to purchase and bring their own microwaves or minifridge. 

If I was approved to live at The Village or East Village apartments starting January 20, 2021 and want to relocate to a North Campus residence hall for the WeCU Here experience, how does the relocation process work?
Residents living in The Village or East Village apartments are responsible to complete the move-out process for their apartment assignment by removing all items from their apartments by March 19, 2021 and relocate to their North Campus assignment.

Will I be permitted to have a parking pass on North Campus ?
Yes, for this semester only parking services is offering parking passes. All  approved students living on South Campus can apply for a parking pass through WCU Parking Services. All questions regarding parking on campus should be directed to WCU Parking Services. WCU Parking Services will provide the specific parking passes available for Spring 2021.   

Am I required to have a meal plan  if I live in one of the apartments?   
While  living on South Campus, students residing in the apartments  (Village, East Village, SCAC and College Arms) are not required to have a meal plan. Every apartment has a kitchen with refrigerator and stove.  However, once you move to North Campus, meal plans are required.    

What steps are USH Affiliated Housing doing to keep on-campus housing clean?
To ensure the well-being of our students, high traffic areas and touch points will be cleaned more frequently. Building common areas and amenity usage will be modified to ensure we remain in compliance with federal, state, local, and University guidelines. All students and staff will be required to follow the guidelines. These and all other guidelines will be posted throughout our communities and they must be adhered to at all times.


Move-in will be on March 19, 2021. Residents will sign-up for designated timeslots to promote physical distancing. Additional move-in information will be sent prior to March.

Who can assist me with move-in?
We know family and friends may be assisting on move-in  day. Please plan for a maximum of three (3) guests, properly wearing face masks over their nose and mouth, to assist with move-in and move-out. The guest restriction will be suspended for the  time  you are moving  in.  Due to extreme caution, we ask that our  two-night  attendees do not invite  guests  to help them move-in.   

Do I need to quarantine if I have traveled prior to move-in?
Yes, students who have traveled prior to move-in will  be required  to quarantine at home  for 10 days  before arriving to campus.  If  this falls after March 19th move-in date, you  will be permitted to arrive  at a later date. Please refer to state and CDC guidelines  for updated information on quarantining.

Will I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to moving in?
Yes, all residential students will require a pre-arrival testing. Those commuting for the WeCU Here experience are not required to test. The purpose of pre-arrival testing is to determine possible COVID-19 cases entering the residential community. This testing requirement will also prompt residential students to quarantine at home prior to moving on campus.  

Residential students must be tested for COVID-19 using a PCR test administered within 10 days of their scheduled move-in date. Test results must be submitted to Student Health Services through the secured web portal (please see your email for specific instructions). Students may be tested by their primary care provider, local health department, or by visiting designated retail locations. Students who do not submit test results will not be permitted to check-in to the residence halls. Students who submit positive test results will not be able to check-in to the residence halls until they are cleared by their medical provider, health department, or Student Health Services.


Accountability – Students living on campus and their parent/guardian/guarantor and guest will be required to follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines outlined by West Chester University and federal, state, county or local governmental agency. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they follow all federal, state, county, and university guidelines. Failure to follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines may result in a loss of housing. 

Face Coverings –Students, visitors, and staff must properly wear a mask in accordance with the University’s COVID-19 Policy Statement. Students understand that masks are to be worn in all indoor campus facilities except within their private rooms or while eating, showering, or when practicing oral hygiene. Students agree that masks are to be worn in all outdoor areas of campus where social distancing (6 feet) cannot be maintained.

Physical Distancing – Students will need to practice 6 feet of safe physical distancing. Flooring markings will be utilized in all high traffic areas to assist you with physical distancing. 

Amenities – Building amenities will have reduced occupancy to maintain physical distancing guidelines. 

Family unit a family unit is defined as a group of students who share an apartment, suite, common hall bathroom or wing of a north campus building

What is required of individuals in the same “family unit”? Suite and apartment residents will be required to clean their own bathrooms and shared area spaces. If a WCU employee or affiliated partner needs to access your room, apartment, or suite, you must wear a face mask during their visit.

What is not required of individuals in the same “family unit” while in a room, apartment and or suite? A face mask is not required. Maintaining 6 feet of social distancing is not required

Guest Policy- After you have completed your move-in, to protect the residential community, guests will not be permitted at this time. A guest is defined as anyone who is not officially assigned to your private room or suite. As we move closer to March, we will reevaluate guest privileges.

Building Access – Residence Halls will only have one entrance/exit available at all locations.  After swiping into the building, every resident will need to check in at the front entrance with a WCU/USH staff member each time they enter the building. Residents may be required to wait in line to be checked into the building.  

Hygiene – Everyone should practice regular hand hygiene as advised by the CDC. Research continues to support that washing your hands with soap and water is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of germs to others.  

Building Amenities – Building amenities (fitness centers, common area kitchens, lounges, etc.)  will have reduced occupancy and/or will remain closed during the academic year.  

Elevators – Students will be required to follow occupancy guidelines posted on each elevator. We encourage students to take the stairs when possible.