At University Student Housing, all applicants are required to provide a Sponsor Guarantor that meets our qualifying criteria. Below you will find the answers to common questions regarding guarantors. We encourage you to review the Guaranty of Lease form and Occupancy Guidelines and Qualifying Criteria.

A lease guarantor acts as a third party to help provide security for the lease terms of the rental agreement. The guarantor is someone who signs their name to the guaranty of lease and agrees to be financially responsible if payment is not received.
Yes. In order to qualify for housing at a University Student Housing, LLC (“USH”) community, a potential occupant must meet the qualifications listed in our qualifying criteria on their own OR they must have a Sponsor Guarantor that meets income and other requirements as listed in the Occupancy Guidelines and Qualifying Criteria.
A guarantor is anyone willing to guaranty the lease that is over the age of 18 and meets our qualifying criteria. It is typical for students to provide a parent or guardian as guarantor.

If a second guarantor is needed, contact the USH Leasing Center.

USH permits you to have up to two guarantors. If you provide two guarantors they must complete one form together.

some students need to provide two guarantors, who act together to meet our qualifying criteria. However, multiple guarantors are not required, if one guarantor meets the criteria on their own.

Please review the USH Occupancy Guidelines and Qualifying Criteria by clicking below.

Once the guarantor(s) application has been submitted, it will be processed by the Leasing Advisor. You will not be directly notified if it is approved.

A follow up email with further steps will be sent to both student and guarantor(s) if the application is not approved.

If a student chooses to live in any USH community for another year, they will need to provide a Guaranty of Lease Form again for the following year. USH will automatically request the same Guarantor that was used the previous year. Please contact the Leasing Center if you would like to change your Guarantor(s) for the renewal process.