Housing General Information

USH Communities for Current WCU Students

Allegheny Hall, Brandywine Hall, Commonwealth Hall and University Hall on North Campus.  The Village and East Village Apartments on South Campus.  You can choose from all USH communities, University Hall, The Village and East Village Apartments all exclusively house upper-class students.

Current WCU Student Application

USH application for Current Students opens November 1, 2021.  We recommend you complete your lease process early.

Gender Inclusive Options

USH aims to provide a welcoming space for students of all identities.  In the housing process you will be able to select Gender Inclusive Housing.  

ADA Accommodation Requests

Please review the USH Affiliated ADA process located here.  We recommend submitting ADA requests upon applying to USH Affiliated Housing.

Roommate Matching Current WCU Students

For Current WCU Students, roommate matching will open in Early December.  You will have until mid-February to find and match with preferred roommates.

Yes, make sure to participate in roommate matching and search for your desired roommates.

Create a roommate group and confirm your group. All roommates need to complete their lease agreements before they can join the group.

For North Campus roommate groups, ensure that you have a group with the exact number of roommates you want for the suite style you desire.  Example: Need 2 students for a two-bedroom suite, 4 students for a 4-person suite and so on.

For South Campus roommate groups, you need to have a roommate group with at least one other roommate to select an apartment in either The Village or East Village apartments 

Yes, you can search for a compatible roommate within the roommate matching process. We highly encourage students to use this option in the hopes it creates the best experience for you during your time living with USH. If you find a roommate, select each other as roommate and confirm your group. 

Room Self-Selection Current WCU Students

How are timeslots assigned?  

Timeslots are scheduled based on the completion date of your lease. More detailed information regarding time slots will be available later on.

Why do I not get to indicate my housing preference?  

USH is implementing a new process called Your Room, Your Choice! You’ll be able to select your roommates during roommate matching, and your building, floor, and even your specific room during the room self-selection process. Time slots are assigned based on when you complete your lease. During roommate matching, you will be allowed to pick between North and South Campus communities.  

How do I ensure I get the building and suite style I want?  

If you have a specific building or suite style in mind, we encourage you to act quickly to complete your lease to secure an earlier timeslot.

 If you are interested in a North Campus community, you will need to have a roommate group equal to the number of spaces in that unit (i.e. if you want to live in a 3×2, you will need a roommate group of 6).

If you are interested in a South Campus community, you will need to have a minimum of 2 roommates in a group to select during group selection.   

What if I am not available during my assigned timeslot? 

You may select your room any time on or after your designated timeslot. If you are in class, at practice, at work, etc. when your designated time arrives, you may make your selection at a later time. However, it is important to note that the longer you wait to select your room, the fewer options you will have. If you are in a group, and the group leader is not available during the assigned timeslot, the group leader can assign another member of the group to be the leader.  

Is a private bedroom an option? 

USH offers single bedrooms in various USH suite styles and apartments.  Please view our floorplans to determine the specific suite style that meets your and your roommates groups needs.  We have 15 studios (private bedroom and private bathroom) located in Commonwealth Hall.   

If I match with one other student, will I only see rooms where two beds are available?

On North Campus, you will only see spaces that accommodate the amount of people in your roommate group. 

On South Campus, roommate groups of two to four students can select bed spaces within each apartment. USH has the right to consolidate students if needed.