2024-2025 Additional  Information

USH Communities for Current WCU Students

Allegheny Hall, Brandywine Hall, Commonwealth Hall and University Hall on North Campus.  The Village and East Village Apartments on South Campus.  You can choose from all USH communities, University Hall, The Village and East Village Apartments all exclusively house upper-class students.

Current WCU Student Application

USH application for Current Students open December 18th 2023.  We recommend you complete your lease process early.

Gender Inclusive Options

USH aims to provide a welcoming space for students of all identities.  In the housing process you will be able to select Gender Inclusive Housing.

ADA Accommodation Requests

Please review the USH Affiliated ADA process located here.  We recommend submitting ADA requests upon applying to USH Affiliated Housing.

Roommate Matching Current WCU Students

For Current WCU Students, roommate matching will open as soon as your lease has been completed. You will have until February to find and match with preferred roommates.

Yes, make sure to participate in roommate matching and search for your desired roommates.

Create a roommate group and confirm your group. All roommates need to complete their lease agreements before they can join the group.

For North Campus roommate groups, ensure that you have a group with the exact number of roommates you want for the suite style you desire.  Example: Need 2 students for a two-bedroom suite, 4 students for a 4-person suite and so on.

For South Campus roommate groups, you need to have a roommate group with at least one other roommate to select an apartment in either The Village or East Village apartments

Yes, you can search for a compatible roommate within the roommate matching process. We highly encourage students to use this option in the hopes it creates the best experience for you during your time living with USH. If you find a roommate, select each other as roommate and confirm your group.

Room Self-Selection Current WCU Students

When is room selection?

Room selection begins in Mid-FebruaryYour specific start date and time will depend on your time slot.  

What is a time slot?  

Each roommate group will be assigned a time slot. Your time slot will be the earliest time any member of the group can log in and assign all members to a bed space. All members of the group will have the same time slot.  

How are time slots assigned?  

Time slots will be assigned based on the following: 

Roommate group size – actual number of members in group, not desired group size.

Selection of north vs south campus.  

What if we miss our time slot?  

The earliest you can access room selection is your time slot start time. You have until the end of room selection to choose a room, but please remember that additional time slots will be opening after yours.  

Is a private bedroom an option? 

The rooms you see will depend on the following:  
Availability at the time you select a room. 
If you selected north or south campus.
Group size.
Groups of 2 on north campus will only see 2×1, 1×1
Groups of 3 on north campus will only see 3×1
Groups of 4 on north campus will only see 4×1, 2×2
Groups of 6 on north campus will only see 3×2
Groups of 2 or more on south campus will see available apartments at Village and East Village  

Will all members of the roommate group have the same time slot?  

Yes, all group members will have the same time slot for room self-selection.

What do we do to prepare for room selection?  

Ensure all roommates are in the roommate group by February.
Have the roommate group leader verify the roommate group by February.
Pay attention to emails from USH regarding room selection and your time slot. 
Talk with your roommate group prior to your time slot opening to identify what the group wants. It is recommended that you have a few floors, buildings, and different suite styles (depending on what is available for your group size) outlined as a plan.  

Do all members of the group need to log in to select a room?  

All members of the group will have the same time slot. Only one person needs to login to select a room and assign all roommates to beds.  

What if our desired room is not available?  

You will need to select another room.  

What if our desired suite style and/or building is not available?  

If your suite style is available in another building, you will need to select that.  
If your suite style and building are not available, you will need to change the size of your roommate group in order to select a different suite style. 
There is a strong demand for The Village and East Village Apartments this year and availability may be limited based on your time slot.  

What if I don’t have a roommate group?  

Applicants who do not have a roommate group will have an opportunity to add their name to a room preference list and USH will manually assign to an available bed space after room self-selection is completed.

My roommate group isn’t the number of people needed to select our desired suite style.  

You will need to have the number of people needed to fill an enter unit to participate in room self-selection. Incomplete groups will be given a later time and each person will need to log in to add their name to a room preference list. USH will then manually assign each person to an available bed space.

What if I want a Studio 

USH has only 15 studios in Commonwealth HallIf you do not see a Studio when it is your time to select a room then it is not an option and you will need to select a different suite style.  

I have an approved ADA accommodation. Do I need to participate in room selection?  

If you have an approved ADA accommodation and you have selected to participate in roommate matching you will receive a timeslot and participate in room self-selection.  

If you have chosen to be administratively placed, you do not need to participate in room selection. USH will manually assign you to a bed space.  

What will happen if I do not participate in room selection?  

After room selection closes, USH will manually assign you to an available bed space.