It is necessary that all residents check out correctly. You must attend the mandatory floor meeting scheduled by your Resident Assistant to find out information about the checkout procedure. You will still be responsible for following this information correctly even if you do not attend the meeting.

The following is a guideline for residents to follow to enable a smooth checkout. Failure to follow all of the guidelines will result in charges assessed where appropriate:

1. ROOM CLEANING Rooms must be thoroughly cleaned: floors free of trash; litter removed; wastebaskets emptied; and chairs placed inverted on top of the study desk. Do not sweep debris into the hallway.

2. WALLS AND CEILING All items must be removed from the walls (posters, fliers, stickers, etc.) as well as the adhesive material used to hang them (tape, fun tack, etc.). Also, any materials placed on the ceiling must be removed (including glow in the dark materials).

3. RECYLING/REUSABLE MATERIALS Residents are expected to recycle paper, plastic, and glass materials. Clear bags will be available for paper to be recycled and other recyclable materials should be placed in the appropriate containers. Donation boxes will be located in each residence hall. Residents are asked to place clothing, nonperishable foods, and other reusable items in the containers which will be given to charitable organizations.

4. TRASH Minimal amounts of trash should be placed in the regular trash collection location on the floor. Resident Assistants will have extra bags for larger amounts.

5. MINI REFRIGERATORS Mini refrigerators will be picked up at the student’s rooms by our vendor Campus Specialties after closing. A mailing will be sent to affected students with details. If you are disposing of a personal refrigerator, please place it next to the dumpster outside. For environmental reasons, these need to be treated differently than regular trash.

6. USH FURNITURE USH furniture must be assembled and placed properly in the room, as it was when the school year started. You will be responsible for damage to furniture or furniture missing from your room that was on the original inspection form. Beds must be unbunked and set at a normal height and pins must be returned to the front desk. Information for specific furniture configurations will be provided by the building staff.

7. DINING HALL KNIVES, FORKS, PLATES, CUPS These items should be returned to the Front Desk. They cost everybody money and need to be returned to the Dining Hall.

8. FURNITURE, BRICKS, WOOD Any unwanted personal property should be placed in the large dumpster outside of the hall (one end should be open so that heavy items can be carried in and don’t have to be lifted over the side).

9. CABLE BOXES AND RELATED EQUIPMENT Please remember to leave behind the USH-provided digital cable box and related equipment (remote, power cable, infrared sensor). Failure to leave these items behind will result in a financial charge.

10. KEYS and RAMeCARDS All keys must be returned at the time of check-out. Keys returned at a later time will still be subject to a charge. Metal (turn) key replacements are $25 and swipe cards are $10 to replace. Please retain your RameCard for use in the fall. Lost cards will result in a minimum $15.00 replacement charge.

11. LATE CHECKOUT There will be no late checkouts. All students must check-out 24 hours after their last examination, or if their last exam is Friday, they must check-out by 6:00 p.m., Friday, May 9, 2014. For late examinations (ending at 6:00 p.m.), please consult your Resident Director (RD) or Graduate Hall Director (GHD). Graduating Seniors may check out as late as 6:00 p.m., Saturday, May 10, 2014, contingent on the scheduling of the commencement ceremony.

12. MAIL Please instruct friends, relatives, and others not to mail anything to you after May 1, 2014. Mail will be forwarded, but expect delays of several weeks.

13. PARKING Please note and share with your family that all parking regulations on campus and in the Borough of West Chester are enforced during the check out period. This includes permit parking zones on the Borough streets that border the campus (Rosedale Avenue, S. New Street and Sharpless Street).


1. Students may elect to check out with a Resident Assistant or complete an Express Check Out. Checking out with an RA is the recommended method, especially if there are any questions or concerns about the condition of the room that could lead to billing for damages. More information about each process will be available from the Residence Life staff. Students who do not sign up for a check out and/or miss their assigned time may be required to do an Express Check Out depending on staff availability.

2. If you plan to use the Express Check Out option, please remember that an RA will later inspect your room to compare its present condition with the condition you indicated on the Room Inspection Form at the time you checked in. You will be held responsible for any missing items, damages, or necessary cleaning. Choosing the Express Check Out option does not relieve you of the responsibilities listed above.

3. All of the resident’s belongings must be removed from the room before an actual checkout will occur. The student will not be able to enter the room after the inspection is finished.

4. After the first resident of a room has checked out, the second resident of the room will be solely responsible for any changes in the condition of the room when he/she checks out.

5. The Resident Director, Graduate Hall Director, or Community Manager will do a final inspection of each room after the residence hall closes. Additional charges may be billed to one or both residents if damages are discovered during this inspection, even if they had not previously been noted.

6. The last person to check out should ensure that the blinds are open, windows are closed, and the lights are turned off.