Move-Out Information

Students are permitted to return to campus during a 2.5 hour timeslot between Saturday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 18th to retrieve all belongings and do an express checkout. In order to ensure this process is as efficient as possible, we need your cooperation by sticking to your selected time and to vacate the building by the end of the timeslot. WCU Public Safety will be at the entrance of each community to enforce your assigned move-out timeslot.
If you are currently on campus for Spring Break living in the apartments (Village, East Village, South Campus Apartments, College Arms), you must move out by Saturday, March 14th by 4pm, unless you are submitting an exception request. If you are not on campus, do not return until you receive the move-out plan.
Anyone who signed up for a designated move-out timeslot and can no longer move-out, please go in and cancel your timeslot on RamConnect. We will work to accommodate your needs as soon as we possibly can.
Arrive to your building at the designated time and prepared with all packing materials. Pack and remove all belongings from your unit. Close and lock your door. Check your mailbox. Return all keys issued to you to the front desk using the check-out envelope. Vacate the building by the end of your designated 2.5 hour timeslot.
The following parking locations will be available for move-out: Wayne Lot, Sykes Student Union, L Lot (Tennis Courts), New Street Garage, Sharpless Street Garage. The Borough of West Chester has lifted parking restrictions in the following areas from March 14th through March 18th: 600-700 Block South New Street, 600 Block South Church Street, 100-200 Block Sharpless Street, and 100-200 Block Rosedale Avenue.
In order to maintain CDC social distancing and potential quarantine protocols, exceptions for housing will be granted on a very limited basis. In order to determine both, need and eligibility, we ask students who believe they need an exception to complete the Housing Extension Request Form. This form must be submitted by 12:00pm (noon) on Friday, March 13th.
Yes, as of Sunday, March 15, 2020, the move-out process is still in place. You will move-out according to the timeslot you signed up for on RamConnect. We have cleaning staff at each residence hall wiping down each cart as it’s checked in and touch points continuously throughout the day.
If you have recently traveled via mass transit (airplane, bus, cruise ship, train) from an international location or from a state with a known outbreak, you will need to self-isolate for fourteen (14) days before returning to campus. If you have a parent, guardian, or guarantor who is able to retrieve your belongings, please sign-up for a designated timeslot. They will need to bring your key(s) and email confirmation to access your space and they will return the key(s) to WCU or USH staff and complete the checkout on your behalf.
You are encouraged to bring your own moving bins and carts to expedite and assist with your move. University staff will be available to sign-out ONE cart per student in the residence halls (not available in apartments), and sanitation wipes will be available for you to clean your cart before returning it. You will be required to leave an ID card when borrowing a cart.
As you make plans to move out of campus housing, we also ask that any family members or friends who come to assist limit their time on campus and comply with CDC recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. If you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, has traveled to a high-risk area for COVID-19, has symptoms, or has been exposed to someone with symptoms, do not come to campus.
Residents should remove mail from their assigned mailbox during the designated move-out time. Packages received prior to 12:00pm on 3/13/20 will be delivered to the residents assigned bed space. Packages and mail delivered after 3/13/2020 at 12:00pm will be returned to sender. Mail and packages will not be held or forwarded. Packages will not be issued during move-out.
No – USH & WCU will coordinated with Campus Specialties, Inc to arrange for the pick up of all microfridges after residents have moved out. Please empty, unplug, and move all rented microfridges to the shower and prop the door(s) of the unit open.
No – WCU & USH are unable to offer storage for personal belongings.
YES – USH residents who have moved out, but forgot to return keys can mail them to USH. Place your key(s) in an envelope with a note that contains the following information: first & last name, WCU ID, on-campus housing building & room. Mail the keys to: University Student Housing, 202 Carter Drive, West Chester, PA 19382. Do not return your WCU ID.

Refund Information

Please view the Refund FAQ section for more information regarding refunds.

General Information

In alignment with WCU, all on-campus housing is closed for the remainder of the spring semester in both WCU traditional housing and USH affiliated housing. For USH, this includes Allegheny Hall, Brandywine Hall, Commonwealth Hall, University Hall, The Village Apartments & East Village Apartments.
YES – In alignment with WCU, all on-campus housing is closed for the remainder of the spring semester in both WCU traditional housing and USH affiliated housing. This includes The Village Apartments and East Village Apartments. Residents are not permitted to leave any items in the apartment, even if you have renewed your lease for next year.
USH residents who signed up for GradGuard renter’s insurance during the 2019-2020 housing application process should review the GradGuard Covid-19 Update for how this insurance may be able to assist you during this time. When you get to the website, select the Renters Insurance PDF.