All USH communities are currently at full occupancy for current WCU students. Please fill out the standby list at the link below.  We typically experience movement between now and Move-In Day, as well as through the academic year, and are often able to accommodate further requests for on-campus housing. Submitting this form is not a guarantee of housing.

It’s time to start securing your housing for next year! The fall semester may not be over, but we are already in the midst of planning for the next academic year. As a current resident you have the exclusive opportunity to renew your lease first! This will allow you to pick any USH community you want, and provide you the best chance for your preferred suite style.

We anticipate a strong demand for on-campus housing next year and there are a limited number of bed spaces allocated to upperclassmen.  Remember, housing is not guaranteed and USH works on a first come, first served basis. Residents who take advantage of the renewal process not only ensure a bed space for next year, but also increase their chances of securing their preferred suite style. Certain buildings and suite styles fill up quickly, so it is important to act soon.

All current USH residents should complete this form to let us know your housing intentions for next year, even if you don’t plan on living in a USH community. The Renewal Intent Form can be completed at any of the advertised Renewal Events, by visiting the USH Leasing Center or by visiting our website, beginning Wednesday, October 18th.

Once the Renewal Intent Form is completed, you can anticipate following the next steps.

  1. Receive web link and complete online lease application.
  2. Create Profile and Match with desired roommate(s).
  3. Turn in Guaranty of Lease and Meningitis Waiver.
  4. Select your suite or apartment.

For further information and details regarding the process, including a timeline and checklist, visit the USH website. If you have any questions, please contact the USH Leasing Center at (610) 430-4USH,

Do you want to enjoy the USH living experience again next year? Renew your lease beginning October 18th, 2017.


October 18th: USH Housing Intent Form available

October 23rd – 27th: North Campus Renewal Week

November 6th – 10th: South Campus Renewal Week

Beginning Mid-Late November: Online Lease Invitations begin being sent to applicants who have completed the Housing Intent Form on a rolling basis.

December 15th: All renewing residents and guarantors should complete all portions of the lease application.

Unit selection is scheduled to open in Late January for renewing residents. Further details will be sent to applicants.

The renewal process for the 2018-19 year will begin on October 18th, 2017.

Please note; The online lease invitations will be sent on a rolling bases beginning on the date listed above.