Unit selection will only be available from June 1st through 5th for applicants of Allegheny Hall, Brandywine Hall, and Commonwealth Hall and June 8th-12th for applicants of The Village Apartments and East Village Apartments. In order to participate in unit selection, you must have a completed lease application for one of these communities. This will be your only opportunity to select your unit and bed space with your desired roommate(s).

Detailed instructions regarding unit selection will be sent to all applicants in the next few weeks, but here are a few quick tips regarding unit selection to assist you in preparing for this opportunity.

. Applicants must have a complete account to participate in unit selection.

. The floor plan that you ranked as your preference when applying is a preference, not a guarantee. There is limited availability in certain suite styles. Most incoming students applying for Allegheny Hall and Brandywine Hall will be assigned a one bedroom double suite (1×1) and Commonwealth Hall applicants will be assigned a two bedroom double with shared bathroom (4×1).

. Applicants should match with their desired roommate(s) prior to participating in unit selection.

. Applicants who do not participate in unit selection, or who apply after unit selection is closed, will be manually assigned to an available bed space by USH.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your application, please contact the USH Leasing Center at 610.430.4988 or leasing@ushcommunities.org.