Tripling Information

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A temporarily tripled room is a bedroom originally designed for two students, but has enough room to be converted into a triple to accommodate three students. Sometimes being tripled evokes anxiety in students and that’s understandable. Whether you have one roommate or two, if you have good relationships you will have a good living experience. Building these relationships requires effort from everyone, but this effort is very often rewarded with positive and lasting relationships. Many students are surprised to find themselves unconcerned with being tripled because they’re so pleased with who they are living with.

USH utilizes the three bedroom double suite (3×2) and a handful of one bedroom double suites (1×1) for tripling. Each room has the following furniture, space permitting:
• One set of bunk beds
• One single bed
• Two closets
• Three desks
• Three desk chairs
• Three dressers

Why was I assigned to a triple room?
• Due to the high demand for on-campus housing, students will be assigned to a triple unit based on a few variables.
• Students applying to a three bedroom double unit (3×2) should expect to be tripled.
• Other suite styles, such as a one bedroom double unit (1×1) may be tripled based on the application date and availability.
• Assigning students to a temporary space in a tripled room provides a student the opportunity to begin their time at WCU living on-campus until we can secure a vacant space.

Do I get a triple room rebate?
• Yes! Students assigned to a triple bedroom will receive a reimbursement of 25% of the room rate for every night or pro rate portion thereof that they live in triple housing. For the three bedroom double suite, only the residents of the bedroom that is tripled will receive the credit – the other residents of the suite do not receive a credit.
The fixed rent is due in full by August 1st for the fall semester. The credit will be issued after the unit is de-tripled.

Is there a roommate agreement?
• Yes! All on-campus residents work with their assigned roommates to complete a Roommate Agreement at the beginning of the semester. The Residence Life staff in your community is available to assist with completing this form.

How long will it last?
• Tripling is a temporary assignment that can last from a few weeks through the fall semester. It is our goal to have all residents de-tripled within the first few months of the semester, but this will be based on availability and may last the entire fall semester.
• During the de-tripling process, USH may need to relocate the resident to a different community and/or suite style, which may have a higher or lower fixed rental rate.

Can the room remain tripled for the spring semester?
• Yes! If as a unit you choose to remain tripled for the remainder of the academic year, you can stay tripled. The 25% rental rate reimbursement will continue to apply.

How do I pack lightly?
• Don’t bring everything for the entire year at Drop & Go and Move-In. Wait and see what space is available and keep an open line of communication with your assigned roommates to discuss who is bringing what for items that can be shared (refrigerator, microwave, TV, etc…).

If you have any other questions, please contact the USH Leasing Center at 610.430.4USH or